Salvun B.T.S. Pre-Order


This is the Bench-top Tool-change System. 

Designed by Rhinhorns and machined right here in the Salvun Shop! 

The Tool-change System has a durable machined and anodized aluminium body and comes with replaceable aluminium locking dogs. 
We will also provide the model for the locking dogs so you can always make new one's IF you ever need to! 


The Free shipping is ONLY for the pre-order! Enter code "PREORDER" on the checkout page after selecting the Bpost shipping method! 


This is a Pre-Order! The items will be shipped as soon as they are machined and anodized to everyone who ordered one. 
Please give us the time to finish a quality product for you.

  • Bare Anodize
  • Black Anodize
  • Blue Anodize
  • Green Anodizing
  • Purple Anodizing
  • Red Anodizing
Taper Size
  • 30 Taper
  • 40 Taper


This tool was made out of a need for a simple and space saving tool changing station for my machine. After bumping my elbow enough times in the cheap Chinese green tool changer, i got sick of it and we got to working on this one. 
It has now been on my table for over 6 months and it is one of the best additions to the tool table! 
By pickup this up you are not just buying a funny little B.T.S. But you are also support a small shop and business! 

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